So….what my blog’s about, eh? I’ll tell you what it’s about. I will make sure the blog shall be imprinted in your mind forever from this oh-so-important About page. Behold the summary to not just end all summaries, but to send them shaking, crashing down on their knees and begging for mercy as my summary overtakes all! Behold the summary that will make thousands gasp in awe, and millions more shed tears over it! MUAHAHAHAHA!

A lonely girl, one of millions, struggling for survival amongst the most ruthless and harsh of environments–middle school.

Yeeesssss. That’sssss it! I ssssshall conquer the world with thissss document. I ssssshall forccce mankind to bow down to me assss I reign, ruler over all!

Hello and welcome to my world. Try not to run away screaming.


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